The Affiliate Program at Bouncify

The Affiliate Program at Bouncify

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process by which people promote different products and services to generate revenue. Marketers receive commissions based on several factors, usually the number of sales. For example, an antivirus software company may pay the marketer 10% for each completed sale introduced to the company.

Affiliate sales can be tracked through your affiliate link. Marketers place links that visitors can click. Websites track how many times visitors click on links and the sales generated by those clicks. Blogs are one of the most popular options for affiliate marketers. However, you can also place links below videos on platforms such as YouTube, mailing lists, and social media accounts.

Affiliate marketing commission rate

Affiliate marketer commission rates vary depending on the company they partner with and the type of compensation they agree to. Many companies pay a fixed percentage of sales (usually it starts from 5% to 25%), while others pay a fixed amount.

How to get started with affiliate marketing

To get started with affiliate marketing, you need to follow a few steps. Building on the right foundation can build a successful and sustainable affiliate marketing business.

How does the Bouncify affiliate program work?

Bouncify is an email verification service and you can earn commission by referring users to Bouncify. Joining the Bouncify affiliate program is free, quick, and open to anyone. Simply sign up for a Bouncify account (free trial account) and are an affiliate. Under affiliate, you will see your referral link and you are ready to promote Bouncify. It is that simple.

How can you refer users to Bouncify and track your referral?

Login to your Bouncify account, go to Affiliate and you will find your referral link. Start promoting your referral link in various ways such as your website/ blog/ social media accounts or via email. For example –

  • Make money from the content you already have. Mention Bouncify in your blog posts, and website content.
  • Post short messages about Bouncify in your social media accounts with your referral links.
  • You can share on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.,
  • Include a message about Bouncify in your newsletter to your subscribers and followers.
  • Suggest Bouncify in Quora answers to email verification service-related questions.

In your Bouncify account under Affiliates, you can track referred members, their purchases, and their commission amount.

When and how will you earn commission?

When someone you refer makes a purchase with Bouncify, the sale will be automatically tracked to your account, generating a 20% commission for you.

A minimum of three of your referrals need to be paid users. Each referral purchase commission is held for a period of 60 days to make sure the order is not refunded. You can withdraw a minimum commission balance of $50 anytime.