Email Scrubbing

Email Scrubbing
Email Scrubbing

If your bounce rate is high and someone on your list is complaining that your emails are spam, you know it's time for a proper email scrubbing. Specifically, removing contacts from your email lists that pose a risk to your sender's reputation. Abandoned email address, spam traps, throwaways, and abusive emails all pose risks to email deliverability. Seriously - they ruin your sender’s reputation.

People who are genuine on your list, even they will not receive your email because you will end up with a bad reputation. Also, ISPs and email service providers don't support senders with bad reputations.

What to do now?

Bouncify it or Or email verification, email validation, email list cleaning, or email scrubbing. You can also find a few more synonyms, but you get the point. The best solution is available today to remove these invalid addresses from your list so you can send emails with confidence.

What do you expect from an Email Scrubbing?

Let's say you haven't opted for an email cleaning service yet. Or you have chosen one and haven't used it yet. But you are willing to do it and probably have hope, right? Therefore, we make assumptions about your hope and compare them with the actual situation.

Email Scrubbing with Bouncify

Lower Bounce Rate

Yes, but it will be much better than you think. A good email cleaning system can identify all invalid addresses on the list and quarantine them in place. Printing errors people made when registering. Some people registered with fake addresses are just there to deceive or hurt you. Addresses that are no longer in use. went! Then your bounce rate will naturally improve. For example, Bouncify guarantees 99% accuracy on email verification results.

Better Email Deliverability

Of course! Once you start sending emails to your genuine contact lists, your ISP or email service provider will start treating you like a legitimate person. Improve your sender reputation and improve your email deliverability. More people will receive your email, and more emails will end up in your subscriber’s inbox instead of the spam folder. As you build trust, you'll have more space in your subscribers' inboxes!

Email Cleaning might be expensive

If you shopped in the wrong place! Yes, there are email verification systems that charge you hefty fees. On the other hand, Bouncify provides 10,000 credits for just $19 and 1 credit is used for 1 email verification which means with just 19$ you can verify 10000 email addresses and save money in the long run. Because we don't send unwanted emails to inactive, invalid, or spam traps. As such, most companies view email scrubbing as an investment in their business rather than an expense.

Please wait: Only specific emails will be removed from the list

Truth: You decide!

You can choose an email verification tool that simply scans your list and removes inappropriate email addresses. Alternatively, you can opt for a service that goes beyond email scrubbing. Bouncify also adds additional information about subscribers to the database. Top-notch email scores to help you update your list

We don't want to hype it too much, but Bouncify also gives you access to the most innovative email scoring system. It's called Bouncify free list analysis because it analyzes using its own algorithms to evaluate the quality of email addresses. We go through every email address we collect and let you know if it's safe to use. This is especially useful if you have many email addresses in your database.

What else do you expect from an email verification service?

Let us know and we'll try to enlighten you!